AWS reporting connectivity issues with servers in the AP-NorthEast region
Incident Report for CloudAMQP
AWS reporting issues with servers in AP-northeast region

From AWS:
We can confirm that a small area of a single Availability Zone (apne1-az1) is experiencing an increase in ambient temperature in the AP-NORTHEAST-1 Region. Some EC2 instances within the affected section of the Availability Zone have experienced connectivity issues or have powered down as a result of the increasing temperatures. Some EBS volumes are also experiencing degraded performance as a result of the event. We have identified the root cause of the issue and are working towards resolution. Other Availability Zones within the AP-NORTHEAST-1 Region are not affected by this event.
8:40 AM PST We continue to work on addressing the increase in ambient temperature affecting a small section of a single Availability Zone (apne1-az1) in the AP-NORTHEAST-1 region. The increase in temperature is caused by a loss of power to the cooling systems within the affected section of the Availability Zone. We are working to restore power and have successfully brought online one of the cooling systems. We continue to work on restoring temperatures to normal levels and then recovering affecting EC2 instances and EBS volumes. Other systems, including EC2 and EBS APIs, are operating normally within the affected Availability Zone. Customers with affected EC2 instances and EBS volumes can attempt to relaunch in the affected Availability Zone, or another Availability Zone within the AP-NORTHEAST-1 Region.
Posted Feb 19, 2021 - 02:00 UTC